Three Seniors for Three Different Sports


This Season Will Not Be His Last 

After talking to 10 different colleges, senior Austin Price has decided to attend St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, on both academic and athletic scholarships.

“They have a great volleyball team and are very prestigious with my major, which is criminal justice,” Price said.

The scholarship will give Price $15,000 a year to play for St. Ambrose. Price is excited to be playing volleyball for his favorite college and likes that they have a large fan base.  Price will be majoring in Criminal Justice and plans to graduate in five years.

“[I’m looking forward to] having a big crowd come to watch me play volleyball, the whole team and having a good record and hopefully going to the championship,” Price said.

Price will also be playing his final year of high school volleyball for the FHN varsity team. This will help him prepare for the new, tough, challenging and competitive college volleyball season.

“Hopefully, there will be a lot of conditioning to get me ready for college and a lot of reps so I don’t suck when I get into college,” Price said. (Brief by Garret Griffin)


Senior Experience

Senior Ryan Dickey has been preparing for the new golf season by keeping up with his long game.

“I’ve played a lot and hit a lot of balls in the offseason,” Dickey said.

Dickey joined the FHN Golf team his freshman year and being the only senior on the team feels he has the most experience and knows the courses the team will be playing this year. The team’s first tournament will be at Bogey Hills on March 28 at 9 a.m.

“[This season] I’m looking forward to getting to play some of the nice courses we get to play like Winghaven or Bogey Hills,” Dickey said.

After this year, Dickey will be attending Mizzou on the Business track. He will not be playing golf in college but will miss being a part of the FHN varsity golf team.

“I’ll miss getting to play so much free golf and being a part of the team,” Dickey said.

(Brief by Garret Griffin)

Graduate Returns to Play His Second Season 

Gage Gruenenfelder graduated from FHN early in December but will still be able to play for the Francis Howell Force Rugby team this upcoming season. He is capable of playing for the team because the team is not a funded FHSD team. Gruenenfelder was on the varsity team last year and has been offered an athletic scholarship from Lindenwood University. He will not be accepting it due to the fact that it was not a full-ride.

“I have one year of experience with the team and it made me a better player because now I know what to do and I’ve learned the game fast,” Gruenenfelder said.

Lindenwood University has offered Gage a $9,000 scholarship to play rugby this upcoming fall season. Although Lindenwood is ranked third in the nation for Division 1 rugby, he will not be accepting the offer and instead will attend SCC for two years to receive his assosiates degree while playing in a men’s rugby league.

The team’s first game was Saturday, March 12. Playing for the Force rugby team this final season, Gruenenfelder hopes it will help him for his future in the men’s league.

“It gives me a better idea of the game so that way when I get to the men’s league I have some experience under my belt,” Gruenenfelder said. (Brief by Garret Griffin)