StuCo Debuts Homecoming Video, Sets Guidelines for Oct. 1 Dance

Ryanne O'Donnell


By Chase Meyer, Online Editor in Chief of Site Management

In a video shown during second hour on Sept. 20, FHN’s StuCo featured teachers and building administrators showing the dos and don’ts of the homecoming dance. The video comes after years of concern voiced by many teachers and students that the annual homecoming dance has become inappropriate for some.

New rules have been set for the Oct. 1 dance, including the immediate removal of any student dancing at a 90-degree angle. Teachers in the video also ask for “No booty poppin'” and for students to “Keep your clothes on.” A contract was sent home with students to be signed by their parents and returned when purchasing their ticket. Tickets will not be sold to a student until the form has been turned in, according to StuCo.