Face Off: Drawstring Bags vs Book Bags


Credit to Alexis Rowe

Sophomore Jake Price and junior Noah Slaughter stand back to back showing their bag of choice for making it through the school day.


High schoolers carry a lot. We’re expected to lug around notebooks, textbooks, pencils, homework, lunchboxes and other cumbersome school supplies. To achieve this feat, we’ve been graced with the invention of the backpack: a mid-sized cloth vessel in which we stow our most beloved – or hated – possessions. The backpack is a friend to every high schooler and is clearly superior to its younger and more athletic cousin: the drawstring bag. Traditional backpacks are larger, which means they can carry more, and they come in more styles than drawstring bags. The main purpose of a bag is to carry our belongings. They do the dirty work that our arms are too lazy or incapacitated to do. Imagine: the bell rings and you have to dash to your next class. Instead of throwing your trig textbook into your book bag, you have to carry it in your arms. The humanity. That’s why traditional bags are better. The average student can have anywhere from one to four or five textbooks at once, plus folders, binders, notebooks and more. Drawstring bags do a really nice job of carrying everything, but book bags can simply carry more. The string bag is the Volkswagen Bug of bags, not really apt to carry heavy loads. On the other hand, bookbags are the Ford F-150 of the baggage universe. They do the heavy work when no one else can, making book bags the more practical and obvious choice. Book bags also come in many different styles. From fashionable to casual, expensive to cheap, book bags have a customization factor that string bags simply cannot claim to beat. Drawstring bags come in one style: athletic. This is a fine style, but many students want something a little different. Brands like Converse, Jansport and more offer customization options to compliment every student’s desired look. On the surface, book bags and string bags are both fine modes of school supply transportation. However, traditional backpacks are more dependable because of their larger holding capacity and are more customizable thanks to their different styles.


Most students in school have one of two types of bags they use throughout the school year. One is a drawstring bag and the other is a book bag. Each bag has their advantages and their disadvantages, but a drawstring bag is definitely more handy and unique to use in school than a book bag. Space is everything to a person, especially to students. Regular, old book bags are just too big to place anywhere. You can’t store it in a locker, under a desk or even under a lunch table. However, drawstring bags are the perfect size to place in any locker, room or any space in general. Also, with book bags being so big, it’s hard for students and teachers to walk down the hallway when there is a large book bag in front of them, especially in a crowded space like the butterfly hallway. Compared to book bags, drawstring bags are easier to open and require little to no effort. All you have to do is pull the top of the bag to open, and then pull the laces to close the bag. With book bags, however, they have zippers that can easily get stuck, and could create even more problems accessing the bag. Also, the laces on a drawstring bag hold the bag really tight so that nothing will fall out. With book bags having so many compartments it’s very easy to lose or misplace something important. Drawstring bags are the answer to this problem. The only compartments drawstring bags have are usually just one. You can easily separate items in your drawstring bag and still easily find them in a short amount of time. Book bags and drawstring bags are commonly used in school, but you can use drawstring bags for anything at any place. Drawstring bags are easier to use at gyms, public showers or at any event because of their size and mobility. You can easily fit small, important things for a trip to the zoo, and not have to worry about carrying a large backpack around all day. There is something unique you can do with drawstring bags that aren’t very common with book bags. You can customize a drawstring bag. The design of a custom drawstring bags can have any of the following things: a different color, a different logo, a different picture, a different size and a different shape. Having a bag that is uniquely different is a lot more appealing than having the same bag like everyone else. Even though book bags have some good advantages like having more room for more stuff, the drawstring bag, ultimately, is the better choice to make if you want to have an easier time through the school year.