10/4 Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Timberland [Photo Gallery]


On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the FHN Knights triumphed over the Timberland Wolves. The final score was 3-0, giving the victory to the Knights. This brought the team’s record to 10-2.

“I think this was one of our better games because we actually finished the ball,” senior Connor Crain said.

The first goal was scored by senior Torrion Robinson in the first quarter. The second goal was shot by senior Osvaldo Guerrero, who then called the trainer over. The third goal was shot by senior Connor Crain.

“I think it was one of our better games,” coach Scheller said. “We had a lot of contributions from a lot of people, so it was fun”.

The Knights have their next game on Oct. 5 at 5:30 against the Troy Trojans.

(Photos by Kelsey Decker and Kyra Peper)