MESS Gets an Album on Spotify

Taylor Perry

By Keegan Schuster

Seniors Michael Shine and Ethan Samson keep a very tight schedule, both working at Stefanina’s and serving on Student Council together. However, the two have yet another addition to their agenda: writing and recording alternative music as a duo called MESS. The band came about during their junior year, and they have since released a six-track album on music streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify.

“Ethan and I were both taking lessons from the same producer; it was definitely his idea to start working on an album,” Michael said. “I view it as one of my accomplishments, and I’ve heard many positive remarks. Even people who don’t like alternative music have liked our album.”

The six-track album, called “Inside,” features Samson providing vocals and keyboards with Shine playing guitar and bass. The duo recorded the vocals at Sawhorse Studios and completed instrumentation in Samson’s home studio. After spending nearly five months and over $1,000 on its production, Shine and Samson were able to release “Inside” in the spring of 2016.

“I’m so proud of them,” Michael’s mother, Tina Shine said. “My favorite song would definitely have to be ‘Let It Ride.’ I just love the music. I want everyone to be able to hear it.”

The duo has been playing music together since middle school, and they plan to keep doing so as they finish high school and attend Mizzou together. They continue to write songs and play gigs at various types of events, including school functions and private parties. The two plan to release a follow up to “Inside” before the start of 2017.