Knightline’s Pro Image Sale on Nov. 18-20


By Bailey Brewington, Yearbook Staffer

Knightline is hosting a Pro Image sale with discount sports apparel on Nov. 18-20, with proceeds going to support their competitions including Nationals.

 “My favorite part of this sale overall is probably unboxing all the products and figuring out what I want to purchase once my shift of work is over,” senior Bria Smith said.

 Knightline gets the clothes and novelty items from a local franchise called Pro Image. They sell the merchandise at FHN and as a result of Knightline helping with the sale, they make a donation to the Knightline program. During this sale, they sell products from all sorts of well-known brands such as Nike, Underarmor and Antigua. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, jackets, blankets and more will be available for purchase. The discounts at the sale are 25-50% off the in-store prices.

 “I love looking around at the sale and helping all the people shop for their family for the holidays,” junior Julianne Mecklenburg said.

 Knightline prepares for the sale by staying after school and helping unload the truck full of items. JV and Varsity have shifts throughout the weekend to help sell the items, also making sure the items are organized and helping customers find certain clothing. The proceeds go back to the team fund to support the team on out of town events like nationals in Walt Disney World.

 “This sale is perfect for the holidays because it had great deals and super stylish items,” senior Reiley Rufkahr says. “I get about half my Christmas presents for my family from this sale, so it is a really good way to get your shopping in early.”