The Fangirl Life: BBC Sherlock on Tumblr


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

I really like posts like this that show the characters in the city where it takes place. The comparison is just interesting to me. This was the first Sherlock one I had seen.

This made me laugh. The parallel drawn between Sherlock from BBC and the credit scene from Doctor Strange amused me and caught my eye while scrolling through my dash.

This is a scene from season four. When characters interact with babies, I just go into feels overload. And it’s no different with Sherlock. There is no interaction with babies like this before this point except in fanart.

Sherlock is very serious all the time, but his faces are sometimes laugh worthy. One of the gifs included is from one of the scenes I found to be funniest in season 3, when he’s doing an experiment with an eyeball.