The Fangirl Life: Comic Feature 2

In this issue of Freedom Fighters, the villain (the Silver Ghost) forces the superheroes to take his side. There’s six of them on the team, and the Silver Ghost turns three of them into silver statues. He then uses this against them to further his plan of taking control of New York. The Ray, the Human Bomb and Uncle Sam go along with his plan for a little then turn on him which leads to the Silver Ghost’s death. The three are unsure of what to do to get their friends back since the Silver Ghost had promised to bring them back once the three [the Ray, the Human Bomb and Uncle Sam] fulfilled their end of the deal and he had control of New York.

What I really like about this is how the background of the characters is woven in. The Ray is the primary one revealed, becoming a super through exposure to cosmic radiation. But what I like more is that the heroes are forced to act in the interests of the villain instead of against him. The comic begins with them working together to destroy a train and evade the police. Silver Ghost even calls them his unwilling allies.