Beauty And The Beast Movie Review

Beauty And The Beast Movie Review

By Jake Price

This fantasy, musical film is a live action adaptation of the iconic Disney animated movie “Beauty and the Beast.” The story is about a girl who gets captured in a castle by a hideous, cursed beast, but then starts to fall in love him and his magical servants.

This film is the best movie that has debuted in 2017 because of the musical numbers, and the overall look of the film.

The best thing about this movie is the music. From the lyrics to the actors’ singing everything was spectacular. The first song, “Belle,” is the best one because it pulls you into the movie, which is the point of the opening song.

The  design of this film was fantastic. The town where Belle, the main character, lives is all shot on a soundstage, which is very hard to believe because everything was designed so perfectly. The castle where the Beast lived was also very beautiful. The architecture of the castle was really unique because it would curve around in the shape of a rose, a very pivotal object in the movie.

If I had to give one flaw about the movie, it would be the special effects. Although everything was beautiful, it was tough to believe that the beast and the servants looked realistic. They tried making the servants look like humans which made them look cheesy, and the should have given the beast some practical effects on the face to go along with effects of the whole body, so it would look more realistic.

“Beauty and the Beast” has some minor problems, but it is one of the best films Disney has made since “Jungle Book.”