How To Survive A Concert

Concerts can happen any time throughout the year and anything can happen at them. Learn how to be prepared for them with these quick tips


(used with permission from Creative Commons)

By Sammie Herr

Think of What You Like- Go to shows that you find enjoyable. Have fun with friends, make sure the venue is nice and attend an artist’s show that you can really appreciate. Concerts can be a good time if you make them a good time. Create your own night and live in the moment.

“I think it’s good to go to a musician’s concert that I like because I would actually be enjoying myself with the music I like to listen to.” Emily Midgett, 12

Munch On Some Snacks- When waiting in lines or just waiting for the artist to come on. Try to bring some snacks and definitely bring water. Most venues only allow one unopened water bottle so savor it while you can. If you end up waiting a while, you should bring a few water bottles. These shows can last for hours so it might be a good idea to bring extra cash.

“It would be a good idea to bring snacks and drinks because the food sold by the vendors is really expensive.”- Maria Walls, 10

Be The Ticket Master- Make sure you’re aware of how to get cheaper tickets. If you wait until a few days before the concert, a lot of people resell tickets at this time and they’re cheaper. Sometimes the venue will even mark down the price on tickets. Get them fast because they sell quickly. The more popular an artist is, the more the tickets will cost.

“Normally you can pre-order tickets or there’s even package deals from LiveNation. It’s normally cheaper that way.”- Eleanor Goldsmith, 9

Equip With A Charger- Bring a portable charger for your phone. This is key when going to concerts. Whether waiting in a line or waiting in the pit or in a seat for the show to start, having a phone charged all the way is essential. Concert-goers are usually used to taking pictures and videos of the show. It documents the fun you have. If the phone gets below 70 percent that’s the best time to charge it. If you know that you’re going to be at the venue for a long time, then bring a couple chargers.

“Some performers save the best song for last and if your phone isn’t charged then you won’t have that memory on screen.”- Teal Collins, 11

Line Up Early- Before arriving to the venue, decide when the best time to get there is. If your preference is to get a good spot, get there early. People usually start lining up in the morning so try to get there a little before noon. If not, get there an hour before the doors open. Make sure to dress for the weather and for comfort while you’re waiting. You might want to bring some chairs.

“I usually wait in lines so I can get a better seat and get a better look of the concert. I go earlier so I can do all of this.”- Sammie Burke, 11

Bring The Right Crowd- The people that accompany you will always affect how the show will go. It would be much better to go with someone you can trust because you never know what can happen. Someone can get stranded, someone’s phone can die or someone’s money can run out. Anything can happen. If accompanied by a close friend, it’s bound to be a fun time because you’re comfortable with each other.

“I think you should bring somebody who has similar tastes as you. It’s fun to jam out together and have a fun time.”- Kyia Keene, 11