Top 10 FHNtoday Stories of All Time: 6. 5 Things to do Over Spring Break

Published: January 11, 2018

1. It’s time to go and eat some frozen custard. Now that the weather is finally warming up frozen foods can hit the spot. The best place to go is Fritz’s frozen custard. Customers are able to sit outside and enjoy the weather while eating their delicious frozen custard.

2. Get outside and get active. During the winter there was not much to do outside except for in layers of coats. Now that spring break is here, there is no excuse for not going outside and getting active. A favorite to many is a quick pick up game of basketball. There are many places to do it including the Rec Plex. Gather some friends and enjoy the nice weather while being active.

3. Going to a park has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the weather. Whether it be walking trails, playing sports, or on the equipment, the park offers plenty of things to do with your friends that is a must do over your spring break.

4. If the weather happens to be a little cold, don’t worry, seeing a new movie is a must do for an alternative over spring break. With many new movies coming out going to see a great movie at the local movie theater will be simple.

5. Support your local bands at the battle for pointfest concert at Pops. Showing your local bands some support including Francis Howell North’s own Screaming Glory will be a great time to spend one of the first days of your spring break.

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