5 Things to do Over Fall Break


Credit to Madison Abanathie

Beth and Chelsea Abanathie pick apples at Eckert’s on a family outing.

By Madison Abanathie, FHNtoday Managing Editor

Fall break is a time students usually use to catch up on TV shows and sleep. Now, if you’re a part of FHN that isn’t going on vacation for fall break, here are the top five things you can do to have a staycation.

  1. Go to Fright Fest:
  • Do you love Six Flags? Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Then Fright Fest is the perfect place for you. Filled with rollercoasters, zombies and ghouls, Fright Fest returns for another year to scare the masses. This year, Fright Fest closes on Oct. 28 and the theme is “Fright by Night.” Fright Fest is a perfect time to hang out with friends and to get into the holiday spirit.
  1. Go hiking:
  • With the cool air finally setting in and the leaves changing colors, there’s no time like fall break to go out and explore. Not to mention, having some nice photo ops along the trail. Some local places that are good for hiking, Castlewood and Klondike Park 
  1. Drive through Augusta or to Hermann, MO 
  • Augusta is surrounded by hills and beautiful scenery: open fields, a multitude of trees and the leaves just turning. Driving with the windows open would make for a perfect afternoon. Hermann is about an hour drive, and is the coolest little town. They have several antique shops and amazing restaurants. Make sure to explore the town, because some of the best places aren’t on the main street.
  1. Apple Picking and Pumpkin Picking:
  • The perfect fall activity, going apple picking or pumpkin picking. There’s no perfect way to get in to the fall season than going apple picking with friends or family, and you get a healthy snack out of it while supporting family businesses. The perfect activity to do with friends is going pumpkin picking and then doing a pumpkin carving party. The two pest places for apples and pumpkins are Centennial Farms in Augusta and Eckert’s in Belleville, IL.
  1. Having a bonfire:
  • It’s getting chilly, so break out the firewood, marshmallows and have a bonfire with your friends or family. A bonfire is really easy to through together and you can customize it to your specific friend group. You could go camping or just have it in your backyard. You can make hot dogs or s’mores. It’s really up to your friend group.