Boys Basketball Looks to Turn Season Around With New Additions


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

Freshman Dontrell Woods guards a player from FZE in their game on 12/18.

By Jalen Fleming

The FHN varsity boys’ basketball team was in a slump the past few years. This year though, the team has the addition of some new players on the team like senior Josh Daughtery and freshman Dontrell Woods, as well as a new assistant varsity coach Michael Schenck. They are hopeful they can turn things around.

Schenck is entering his first year as a coach at FHN and is really excited to see what the team can do. After not being able to coach last season due to teaching at FHHS and them already being fully staffed in the basketball department, he is ready to get back to it and with a new school and new team, he’s excited to see what the team can do.

“Last year, I was at FHHS just teaching, but before that, I coached for four years at Parkway West,” said Schenck. “I had to take last year off. I’m excited just to be back coaching again. I’ve missed it a lot, and I’m excited to work with these guys for sure.”

Coach Darrell Davis, seven year head coach for the team, also talked about how he was excited to coach this group of guys. After going 4-20 last season he’s looking to hopefully turn it around and get the program back on track. Coach Davis talked about how the teams biggest problem is rebounding. Which will become a huge focus as the season goes on.

“Well you need to play your first game to know what you need to work on and now that we’ve had a game the biggest thing we have to work on is boxing out,” said Davis. “We play teams that are taller than us do we have to make sure we get in front and really box out and all the kids on the team will tell you that.”