Top 10 Jonas Brothers Songs [Opinion]


Credit to Christopher Simon

The Jonas Brothers at an event in 2009. (Used through Creative Commons)

By Madison Abanathie, FHNtoday Managing Editor


In celebration of the Jonas Brothers return with a single and music video for “Sucker,” which has almost 47 million views in the span of four days, we’re going to break down the top 10 Jonas Brothers Songs in their four album history.

“Burnin’ Up”

  • Originally released in 2008, this song has been making people burst into song and dance for over 10 years. The song defined a generation, filling anyone over eight at the time with nostalgia when it’s played. Even standing in the publications room today, when the song came across Spotify, the entire room stopped. Everyone started singing and dancing, pretending to have microphones, and I didn’t see that with any other song we played.

“Year 3000”

  • This song was actually covered by the Jonas Brothers in 2006, with “Year 3000” originating from the British Punk Band, Busted. Arguably, this song launched the brothers careers, making them a household name. The futuristic lyrics, really captivated young audiences, and made the cover better known than the original.


  • “This is the bottom line, it’s true,” this is one of the brothers best songs. An early release in 2007, this is the Jonas Brothers fourth most listened to song on Spotify. This was the brothers first single to make it to the Billboard Top 20. The song garnered more attention at the 2007 American Music Awards, when frontman Joe Jonas slipped on broken glass, better believe he bled.


  • The first single from the brother final studio album before their hiatus, signaled a more mature shift in their music, allowing each brother to grow and spread in their musical abilities. This song probably had the weirdest music video, with multiple Kevin’s, a paranoid Nick and a wrestling Joe. Not as popular as their previous singles initially, “Paranoid” has developed into a more mature strain for their growing audience.


  • Even the brothers left audiences speechless, over the edge, and breathless, with this song. The lyrics guide the audience through one of the brothers relationships. Though a cult favorite now, the single never made it past 45 on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video is also extremely nostalgic, sparking Titanic and The Notebook vibes.

“Pushin’ Me Away”

  • The entire A Little Bit Longer album has a special place in my heart, but “Pushin’ Me Away” holds the biggest part of it. This song was very different from it’s trackmates, having a more punk feel to it. The song breaks into a scream-singing portion and listeners can’t help but to sing along or bop their head to the incredible instruments backing the vocals.

“That’s Just the Way We Roll”

  • From their self-titled album, this song was the “Fight Song” of its time. Showing that no matter what people said about them the brothers were going to live their lives and continue to dream, no matter what people thought about them.

“Play My Music”

  • This song had audiences turning on that radio, as loud as it could go. The song originated from the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, where singer Demi Lovato got her start. Though not a technical Jonas Brothers song, it still left audiences everywhere dancing and singing for years.

“Fly With Me”

  • The second single of off Lines, Vines and Trying Times, “Fly With Me” is such a good song. A little more piano and drum dependent, the song encouraged young audiences to take leaps and be willing to embrace what will happen.

“A Little Bit Longer”

  • This song was off the album of the same name, but was written and sung by only Nick Jonas. Jonas wrote the songs about his feelings of having Type 1 Diabetes. He wrote the song in 20 minutes, when he wasn’t feeling well. The song gave a voice to patients who had been diagnosed with different medical conditions from a writer who was facing the same problems they were.