Mr. FHN Returns to the Stage on April 17


Credit to Hannah Medlin

On April 21, 2017 StuCo held their annual Mr. FHN in the auditorium. The contestants were Sean Rhomberg, Zac Cary, Kyle Rolfing, Chris St. Aubin, Michael Shine, Christian Witte, Ethan Samson, Bryce Perry, Anthony Kristensen, Trevor Bonert, Drew Lanig and Logan Mordvar. There were five portions of Mr. FHN. The first was announcing the Mr.’s, the second was pick up lines and causal wear, the third was talent, the fourth was formal wear and questions and the last portion of Mr. FHN was announcing who won the title of Mr. FHN. Bryce Perry as Mr. Steal Yo Gurl won the title as Mr. FHN, Zac Cary as Mr. Drama won Mr. Runner up, and Sean Rhomberg won Mr. Second Runner up. Rhomberg also won Mr. Congeniality chosen by the other Mr. contestants.

By Liy Taliaferro, North Star Reporter

On Apr. 17, StuCo will be hosting its annual Mr. FHN in the auditorium at 7 p.m. to raise money for an organization of each contestant’s choice.

“Mr. FHN is a male beauty pageant and we’ve been having it here at North for probably over 10 years now,” Jani Wilkens, English teacher and Student Council Sponsor, said. “It’s meant to give boys a chance to raise a lot of money for charity and then they compete in a show and they compete in the different talents like you would in a Miss America Pageant. So we do athletic wear, formal wear, they have a question and answer segment and then we have like a formal dress up and then a talent.”

Any male student can participate in the show that is interested. Mr. FHN has been growing in popularity over the years, and the school has been able to raise a lot of money from it to help others.

“We’ve had people raise money for things that are close to their family or friend, like things people have been affected by whether it’s certain types of cancer or learning disabilities or even like really local things,” Wilkens said. “Like there’s the Nahed Chapman School, the New American school in St. Louis which is a school for refugees.”

Mr. FHN helps build community by supporting those around us. Last year Mr. FHN raised over $10,000, and they’re hoping to raise even more this year. They try to have a humorous evening with family and friends in order to raise those funds.

“I like entertaining people, so it’s a lot of fun putting on a show and having the talent and the dance can just be goofy,” Mr. FHN participant and senior Corey Valleroy said. “I find that very entertaining, I also love raising money for charity and seeing it change lives.”

The show brings people together, by helping those in need. Anyone is welcome to watch and donate.