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FBLA Introduces Painted Parking Spots


By Sumi Chen and Abby Akers

During the 2019-2020 school year, FBLA members made it possible for seniors to paint their parking spots. This gave the seniors an opportunity to be creative, as well as a guaranteed parking spot that only they could park in.


To paint their spot, seniors were required to fill out a form provided by FBLA and pay a $20 fee on top of the original $60 fee for a parking pass. Students were also required to buy their own paint and brushes. The students of FHN have many different opinions about painting the parking spots.


“[FBLA] should have at least provided some paint.” Senior Candace Siem said, “Most seniors that participated in painting their parking spots did not already own the specific paint required for the parking spot so they had to spend money to buy their own paint. To be able to paint the parking spot already costed all seniors at least $80 (for the parking pass and the FBLA fee) if they did not already own paint, most seniors spent around or over $100. FBLA should not have to provide all students the paint they wanted, but the primary colors as well as black and white should be provided.”  


Many underclassmen said that they are looking forward to painting their spots during their senior year.

“I’m ok with the seniors being the ones to paint spots because they have been here the longest,” Sophomore Josh Kipper said.