Junior Leah Farner Recovers From Scoliosis

By Emma Fischer, Year book staffer

Junior Leah Farner had surgery on her back for her scoliosis with a 56, 49 curve. After years of suffering with back pain, Farner went to the doctor. They told her that something had to be done. 


“I was in 6th grade when i was diagnosed,” Farner said


Farner wore a back brace for a good portion of middle school. To attempt to adjust her spine. The brace was specifically designed for her. She had to wear the brace for at least eight hours a day, although the longer she had it on the better.


“She was scared that people were going to make fun of her for the brace ,but all her friends were very supportive,”  Mother Jessica Farner said.


Unfortunately the brace didn’t help her scoliosis, so the next step was surgery. They told her the sooner she got in for the operation the better. They’d need to put two metal rods in her back and screw them into her spine. The doctors scheduled the procedure later that year.


“I was terrified i knew the brace may not work but I’d hoped it would,” Farner said. “My sister had gone through the same experience so i kinda knew what to expect, although It didn’t change how scared i felt.”


As the weeks went on and the operation date crept in so did Farner’s nerves. Eventually the day of the surgery came around April 14, 2017. Farner got to the hospital early that morning. At last Farner was put under for surgery. 


“Regardless of how dangerous the procedure was or wasn’t it was still scary that’s my little girl,” Mother Jessica Farner said. 


After an exhausting eight hours, Farner finally came out of the surgery. The operation was a success. When she woke up she was greeted with many smiling faces of her friends and family. 


“It was amazing to wake up to so many people that love me although I don’t remember a lot of it,” Farner said. “I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.”