How To Dress Up for the 2019 Homecoming Spirit Week Days

How To Dress Up for the 2019 Homecoming Spirit Week Days

By Mya Walker

Every year, FHN has a spirit week leading up to homecoming, which is Oct. 5 this year. FHN’s homecoming spirit week days will be Boomers vs. Zoomers, VSCO girl vs. E-boy, Jersey day, black and gold/toga day and class colors. 

“Dressing up for spirit week is a good way to step out of your comfort zone and forget about beauty standards,” junior Caroline Blanke said.

Student Council comes up with the homecoming spirit week themes. They vote in their smaller, more specialized groups and then vote as a whole on the themes that the small groups came up with.

“Spirit week is so much fun. It brings our whole school together and unites us,” sophomore Haley Hall said. 


Continue reading below for a style guide for each of this years spirit days:



On Monday, which will be boomers vs. zoomers, underclassmen should dress as babies and upperclassmen should dress as senior citizens. For underclassmen who are dressing as babies, on this day you could wear a onesie, have a pacifier and carry a stuffed animal. Seniors, or ‘old people’ may wear long dresses, robes, long socks, suspenders, glasses on the tip of their nose and have grey hair.






Tuesday is VSCO girl vs. E-boy. VSCO is a picture editing app, and it is a stereotype that girls who use the app post/edit pictures dressed in ripped jeans, oversized hoodies and t-shirts and wear scrunchies. They may also be found carrying a Hydroflask. E-boy’s often wear clothing like a stereotypical skater would wear. Generally, they wear black clothing, paint their nails black and often wear earrings and chains as jewelry.



Wednesday will be jersey day. On this day, upperclassmen girls who are participating in powderpuff will wear their powderpuff jerseys during the school day. All other students and staff are encouraged to wear jerseys from favorite sports teams, or from sports that they play. Jerseys can often be bought at sporting goods stores, and are often worn with basketball shorts. Click here, to find jerseys available for purchase. 





Thursday is black and gold day, or toga day for seniors. If you’re an underclassmen, an idea to show spirit for this day would be to wear a black and gold tie dyed shirt and socks. The Armoury also has multiple black and gold shirts available for purchase. Seniors are asked to wear togas, click here for a tutorial on wrapping a toga. Supplies for togas and tie dye can be bought at your local craft store, Target, Walmart, etc. 





Friday is class colors day, where each class’ school spirit will be tested at the homecoming pep assembly. All four grade levels are to wear their class color. It’s popular to wear colored leggings, beaded necklaces, tall socks, face paint, body paint, colored sunglasses and bandanas. Freshmen are green, sophomores are purple, juniors are blue and seniors are red.