Students at FHN Show Their Personality Through their Clothes


By Liv Engle

Picture this: rolling out of bed to that 6 a.m. alarm clock,  pairing white washed jeans with that vintage t-shirt of yours  and the black converse high tops that may have been worn one too many times. That might just be any ordinary outfit to someone, but it’s your favorite.

One of the many perks of picking that t-shirt or those jeans, is that it’s a unique style all your own.  Fashion has been around for centuries, but each person’s style is like their DNA, what they’re made of. Junior Kyle Helton is one of many with a style all his own.

“I’m not really a social person, and I don’t like talking to people,” Helton said. “So, my way of showing people who I am is expressing that through my clothes.”

Helton describes his style as inspired, mainly by music artists and influencers that he follows, and a good amount of his wardrobe are brands made by not-so-famous designers.

“I’m the only one that wears the brands that I wear [FTP, Ransom, Gnarcotic, Foulplay], and I think that it’s cool,” Helton said. “It makes me feel comfortable in public.”

On the topic of more unique styles, sophomore Cierra Brown thinks that being fashionable is influential.

“I think it’s important because it touches on personality,” Brown said. “If I wore what everyone else wears, then I feel like I’m following a crowd.”

Brown likes stepping out of norms and dressing her own way.

“If you line people up and put me next to someone wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, I’d definitely stand out.” Brown said.

While others are looking for the latest trends, Brandon Bridgeman likes to incorporate sentimental pieces into his outfits. Bridgeman incorporates his dad’s hat into his outfits. Bridgeman holds his hat close as a reminder of his father and the bond they shared. Bridgeman is fond of the current day fashion.

“Everyone gets a chance to have their own style and it’s pretty unique.”

Fashion can be defined in numerous ways. It is interpreted differently by many people. Whether that is using it as a way to express yourself, embodying something sentimental in an outfit, or looking outside of the box because fitting in is boring, you create your own style.