Seniors Gabe Lobato and Minnie Adams Win Homecoming King and Queen [Photo Gallery]

By Taylor Hill and Ashlynn Perez


The homecoming king and queen were announced last night, Oct. 10, at the homecoming football game against Washington High School. The honor of king and queen is both an American and FHN tradition, and this year it went to seniors Gabe Lobato and Minnie Adams.

“I’m a little surprised,” Adams said. “I didn’t know that it would happen, so I’m pleasantly surprised.”

Homecoming celebrations this year look different than they have in times past, due to the unconventional nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. The homecoming dance is no longer practical with social distancing guidelines, and even the staple football game has limited tickets to ensure spacing to prevent spread of the virus. Despite these changes, the spirit of celebration remains with the help of the usual homecoming Spirit Week, a virtual pep assembly and the announcement of homecoming queen and king.

“I think school spirit is a really pure thing,” Adams said. “It needs to exist. School’s already so tiring, so things like this and school spirit add a little sprinkle of happiness to everyone’s lives.”

(Photos by Taylor Hill, Story by Ashlynn Perez)