Chloe Averbeck Shows School Spirit by Going All-Out for Spirit Days

Junior, Chloe Averbeck never fails to go all out for FHN’s School Spirit Days


Credit to Submitted Photo

Chloe stands relaxed smiling at the camera

Although most people don’t like getting stared at, Spirit Day fanatic Chloe Averbeck strives for it. One of her favorite things since elementary school has been dressing up for spirit days.  

 Averbeck’s spirit day efforts are known by many people at school. One of her friends, Mike Kolkmeier, says his favorite outfit of Averbeck’s is her Christmas outfit by far. She is Christmas from top to bottom, he says. 

For example, in 2019, on the last day before winter break, Averbeck wore a huge green and red bow as a headband, a black Christmas sweater with lights and a polar bear on it. She also had a green tutu with red lining and candy cane really tall socks. For shoes, she wore red Christmas slippers that looked like a Santa outfit. 

“It’s personally really fun being extra and showing my school spirit,” Averbeck said.

Within some of those looks are her two best friends, Kolkmeier, who she met last year in child development and MJ Clubbs. Clubbs and Averbeck have known each other since middle school and currently sit together at lunch.

“I think Chloe is very fashionable,” Clubbs said. 

Both of Averbeck’s friends agree she has great style even when it’s not a spirit week. Clubbs would describe Averbeck’s everyday style as very bright and fangirly. Kolkmeier, on the other hand, describes it as if “the 80’s and Elvis Presley had a baby.”

“She tends to go a little above and beyond,” Clubbs said.

Kolkmeier doesn’t like dressing up much. However, when he does, it’s usually a PJ day because it is easy.

“I don’t want to be the only guy wearing neon,” Kolkmeier said.

Averbeck is most proud of her 80s costumes and her famous class color outfit because, as she says, the amount of purple during class color day is crazy. She is purple from head to toe. She also likes dressing up on 80s days because she thinks it’s fun. 

“[I like] to show my school spirit because I love my school and it’s fun,” Averbeck said.

Averbeck gets lots of stares walking down the halls on spirit days. However, she hopes that within those stares, she inspires at least one person to dress up and show their own school spirit right along with her.