Advice to the Sophomore Class to Have a Successful Year

Advice to the Sophomore Class to Have a Successful Year

By Stephanie Lichtenegger

When you went into high school you only met about half of your freshman class. Branch out and talk to the people you haven’t met yet.

Make some friends with upperclassmen if you haven’t already. They are really nice to talk to. You might even be in mixed classes with them depending on the classes that you signed up for. They are really good for getting advice.

You can relax a little about school or grades. Freshman year was your first year of high school and to work really hard and to start out high school with a good GPA. I’m not saying slack off. I am saying that if you get a B or C in a class it’s not going to ruin your life. You can kinda let go about stressing about getting straight A’s.

Get to know your teachers. It’s good to have a personal relationship with teachers whenever you need help with something or you need a recommendation for someone/ something.

Where what you want/what you’re comfortable in. If you wanna wear sweatpants everyday then do it. If you wanna wear a dress everyday then do it. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself, regardless of what your gender you identify with.

Depending on when your birthday is you should try to get a job. It will help you save up for college if you are planning on going to college or to buy a car if you don’t already have one. Or it will just give you extra spending money. If you are still 15 then you can get a workers permit from the main office and have your employer sign off and the office staff sign off.