Welcome to The Yearbook Blog

Hello everyone, welcome to the brand-new Yearbook blog. Make sure to tune in every Sunday because we will be posting various updates, previews, and we will even be doing some contests and giveaways.

This week we would like to preview some upcoming coverage for the yearbook. One of the things we are covering is an app called BeReal. BeReal is an app where you can post daily updates and photos. “My favorite thing is whenever you get to react to other people’s BeReals.” – Isabelle Apple, 10th.

Finally, we would like to shout out our Yearbook buyers of the week. These individuals have purchased there 22-23 yearbooks and were celebrated in their classes with some prizes. If you would like a chance to be featured, make sure to purchase your 22-23 yearbook.


Maddoc Bray:

Bailey Hill:

Adam Williams: