The Fabulous Fox Theatre is Home to Paranormal Activity


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The Fabulous Fox Theatre is in St. Louis, MO and is said to be haunted.

Many people have heard of the Fabulous Fox Theatre, known for its beautiful decor and amazing shows. Although, what some people might not know is that the Fox Theatre is home to some very strange and haunting paranormal activity.

“I don’t think you can come down here and not have something happen,” Fox Club Manager Arlene Cerbie said.

 Before the Fox first opened its doors in 1929, a Presbyterian church was in its place and was later torn down to become the Fox Theatre known today. Mediums, who are people who can communicate with spirits, have visited the Fox and were said to sense a connection in the Marquee room between the spirits here and the church. This was thought to cause the paranormal activity seen and heard at the theater by customers and staff.

“This area for some reason seems to have, when we bring mediums in, has more connection with the church. They see funerals,” Cerbie said.

 Throughout several years at the Fox, many staff members have heard, and told their own stories about experiences with the paranormal at the theater. Footsteps being heard in offices when no other people are around, doors opening and closing on their own in the projection room and bathrooms, ghost orbs being seen on cameras in the Marquee room, and even shadow people are seen walking around tunnels in the basement. For staff at the Fox though, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

“When you least expect it is when they just kind of stroll by, a black shadow will go by,”  Cerbie said.

Not only have people experienced the ghosts and their shenanigans at the theater, but staff members and mediums there to investigate have also reported seeing the ghosts themselves. A lady with a bun of dark hair, a ruffled white shirt and no legs has been seen down in the tunnels of the basement, as well as the theater aisle. Another ghost named Geoffrey, who has been seen by multiple people, is said to walk around the theater wearing a tuxedo and smoking a cigarette out of a long cigarette holder. Even a non-believer in the paranormal such as Carl Vogt, who is a tour guide and host of the Fox Club, began to believe when he saw the ghost of a little boy up in the mezzanine.

“[A little boy] just as clear as could be, and that fast he was gone again,” Vogt said as he snapped his fingers, “he was just there for a fraction of a second.”

Although the ghosts at the Fox seem playful and mischievous, their activities have never caused any harm, negative effects, or have ever disrupted any show shown at the theater. They have only been said to give multiple staff and visitors some frights.

“You see that, like they’re not doing any harm, they’re not there to hurt anybody, they’re just there for, you know, to be in a place that maybe brought them, you know, happiness or a place that they just loved,”  Fox Publicity Manager Megan Ketcherside said.

With all of this paranormal activity occurring at the Fox, staff members thought it would be a good idea to start offering ghost tours to the public. These tours have been happening for a few years now and are usually held in this month every single year. These tours offer the historical aspects of the theater, but also incorporate paranormal stories from the staff themselves. The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society also comes in to conduct investigations during the tour and were said to perform seances in the past. Not only do the staff participate in these exciting tours, but so do the spirits, sometimes being caught on camera.

“Customers get pictures of the spirits all the time. Oh yeah, and they turn them over to us,” Cerbie said. 

Between all the believers and non-believers in the paranormal, believers, such as some of that staff at the Fox, think that ghosts can be anywhere. From a skyscraper in New York, to a beach in California, or even a theater in Missouri, there seems to be a belief in spirits all over the place.

“I just would say, not just in the Fox, but the spirits are everywhere,” Cerbie said. “Everywhere we go, and people just need to recognize it, and things that you hear, or see, or in the corner of your eye are a lot more. There’s a lot more to it.”