Foundry Art Centre Hosts First Fridays on the First Friday of the Month


Credit to Michaela Manfull

The foundry art centre is an art gallery with studio space for artists on main street.

From the outside, 520 North Main st might look like another repurposed building on the Streets of St. Charles. Inside, the artwork glows and the visitors’ eyes shine as they take it in. Looking past the exterior can thrust someone into a world of creativity. From paintings to interactive media, the Foundry Art Centre is a sight to behold any day, but the first Friday of the month is special.

“The first Fridays started to allow people extra time to come to the Foundry,” the director Hilda Andres said. “If you work nine to five, this is a good time to come and see what we’re doing at the Foundry.”

At every event, adults and kids are welcome to visit the Foundry. October’s event was focused on the Lindenwood University Faculty and Rachel Lebo, an adjunct professor at Maryville University.

“The exhibition artist [Lebo] isn’t a teenager, she teaches at Maryville University,” Andres said. “She works across media, painting, sculptures and storytelling. What I like is it talks about how teenagers especially struggle with figuring out their identity.”

The Foundry is open from 10-5 most days. However on the first Friday of every month, the hours are extended until eight p.m. Anyone that wants to can come see an exhibition, make art and sometimes hear live music.

It’s great for kids as well,” volunteer Aj Surrell said. “A lot of people don’t necessarily know that it’s a kid’s thing, we always did little crafts in the Kid’s Corner.”