Recap of #BGDay2012

The annual FHN Black and Gold Day took place on August 18. The day started off with crews setting up tables and chairs, putting up awnings, and opening up booths. Sunny skies, a few shady clouds, and an enjoyable cool breeze made the conditions favorable. Different groups and teams moved across the field taking pictures, setting up, and getting ready for the parade.

“It’s kind of the same as it’s always been,” Activities Director Mike Janes said. “It’s still the football scrimmage, parade of athletes and the cheerleaders performing like the previous years.”

Some of the featured events were cookie and hot dog eating contests, frozen custard, fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea, and a huge inflatable put up by the National Guard. Many students walked the track, checking out the different shirts, food, beverages and items they could buy from the school’s organizations.

“I got to have time to hang out with my friends, listen to music, and they had frozen custard,” sophomore Jenn Mills said. “That was awesome.”

There were some differences between this year and last year. The dunk booth and live DJ were absent from festivities this year. However, some new additions were made. Gift card prizes, frozen custard, and new t-shirts for the “Howell North Blackout Game” were all sold. The day went over as planned, and drew a reasonable crowd.






3:00 – Stadium Opens – Activities Begin
4:30 – Opening Ceremonies/National Anthem by KnightSound
4:35 – Parade of Athletes
5:00 – Welcome Speech/Dr. Jones
5:15 – Knightpride Marching Band Performance
5:45 – Cheerleaders Performance
6:00 – Knightline Performance
6:30 – Soccer Scrimmage
7:30 – Football Scrimmage

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The winner of the drawing is Andrew Shannon. Andrew has been randomly selected to win a $20 giftcard to Texas Roadhouse. Prizes may be picked up in room 026. Contest sponsored by FHN Media.