FHN Students Celebrate Holiday Time with Family Traditions

By Ozzy Guerrero, Kaili Martin, Riley Neunaber, Julia Helbig

Published: December 18, 2016

Christmas is a world-wide national holiday celebrated by many people everywhere. There are many traditional and basic ways to celebrate this holiday in the United States. Such as putting up a christmas tree, 39 out of 40 people, or 97% of people from Francis Howell North do according to the pole taken by four of North’s students. Setting up Ch...

First St. Louis Cat Cafe Opens to Public

By Maddie Mitchell, Maddie Callewart, Shannon Lane, Hannah Davis

Published: December 18, 2016

Mauhaus is the very first cat cafe in Missouri run by co-owners Ben Triola and Dana Huth. Mauhaus first opened to the public on Nov. 12, 2016, and it has been catching the public’s eye ever since. “Dana and I visited a cat cafe in Thailand in 2014,” Triola said. “[We] knew almost instantly we wanted to do it in St. Louis.” To make ...

Senior Shannon Towery Has Passion for Dance

Published: December 18, 2016

Inside Performing Arts Center, potential and talent blooms in many shapes and forms. The music turns on and the girls line move into a block. It is time to stretch and warm up for their dance class. Among the group of girls is Shannon Towery, a senior at FHN. “I dance a lot,” Towery said. “I go to school, and I work. That’s basically my...

Tuomas Hyypia comes to FHN from Finland

By Allison Cavato, Emily Orlando, Krya Peper, Ethan Winchester

Published: December 18, 2016

Francis Howell North student, junior Tuomos Hyypiä, decided he would spend the 2016-17 school year in the United States as a foreign exchange student. Hyypiä came to the United States from Tampere Finland. He has been in the United States for four months and will be here until the end of the school year. “The flight was ten hours long...

Speech and Debate Prepares for Mock Trial

By Alivia Parks, Megan Russelburg, Bailey Harrell

Published: December 18, 2016

Students from FHN on the speech and debate team are preparing for the mock trial tournament on Jan. 21 at the courthouse in St. Louis. Not all students on speech and debate are a part of the mock trial team. Is actually only about 20 students that are on the mock trial team, but just because they aren't a part of the team l, doesn't mean the...

Harvester Christian Church Hosts Annual Journey to Bethlehem

By Ronald Joel, Zach Askew, Sophie Shmidt, Josh Berthold

Published: December 18, 2016

Every year in December Harvester Christian Church creates an interactive play “Journey To Bethlehem” that participants can physically move through as characters portray the story of Jesus Christ’s birthday. “They can interact, which will stick to them,” youth pastor Nick Ballard said. “This was a more creative and a visual process inst...

Historic St. Peter’s 1800s Farm Home Holds Rich History

By Ash Bozich, Juliet Borgschulte, Brandon Dubois, Mia Kristensen

Published: December 18, 2016

An 1800s house built in the state of Missouri the original owner, Annie Thompson owning nearly 400 acres which was almost unheard of a women owning that much land. Stories circle around the house saying at one point in time there was a servants living in the back house. “The legend is that there were servants that were living in the building,...

Annual Journey to Bethlehem Event Provides Charity and Fellowship

By Peyton Rives

Published: December 18, 2016

Around 14,600 people attended the two weekends of Journey to Bethlehem, a live outdoor retelling of the birth of Jesus Christ, on the campus of Harvester Christian Church on Dec. 3-4 and 10-11 to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. “We ultimately hope [people] come to know Jesus,” Joshua Bond, communications director at Harveste...

St. Charles Residents Donate Toys to International Charity

By Emma Myers, Chandler Edgecomb

Published: December 18, 2016

The U.S Marine Corps Reserve holds a national toy drive called Toys for Tots in October through December every year. “Toys for Tots to me is a great way to give during the holiday season,” Senior and QuikTrip employee Peyton Rives said. “Not everyone is fortunate to open a gift on christmas and this is a very sad reality for a lot of children...

Varsity Boys Basketball Preps for Upcoming Season

By Chris Plattenburg, Bella Orlando, Leann Smyth, Tyler Garamella

Published: December 18, 2016

The swish of the net, and the satisfaction of improvement are rewards that make basketball the loved and popular sport that it is. Hard work, effort, and being a team player is what makes a varsity team. Now our own FHN boys’ varsity basketball team plans to put those values to use and have a victorious season. Varsity member Justin Mathews,...

Printmaking Students Share Passion for Art

By Darius Cazacu, Rebecca Maye, Dillon Beelek

Published: December 18, 2016

Around Michael Leistner’s third hour, the scent of fresh ink fills the air. Students work on many different projects, each pursuing their own artistic desires in this unique form of imagery creation. Their limits are decided merely by their own creativity and imagination. Truly, it is an art form that students of all skill levels can come to enjoy...

HOSA Participates in Adopt a Family

By Paige Mooney, Brandon Adams, Parker Brown

Published: December 18, 2016

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