Million dollar Monday

Published: September 30, 2008

      North makes a poor start on spirit week. Read More »

Student offered scholarship

Published: September 30, 2008

    On Sept. 12 the National Merit Scholarship was Read More »

Millionaire Monday

Published: September 30, 2008

The first day of spirit week this year was millionaire Monday and the goal was to dress as rich as you could or like you were ready to make a million bucks! see who dressed up. Read More »...

First tornado drill lacks seriousness

Published: September 26, 2008

The classroom sits still with quiet anticipation. Students mutter quietly, a boy in the back of the room says "When are they going to do it?" Read More »...

Final practice provides preview of game day

Published: September 26, 2008

Whistles were blown, flags were pulled, girls were screaming. For hundreds of juniors and seniors, last night was their third and final practice before the Powderpuff game on Oct. 1. The seniors, who have been in this scenario before, were described as "organized" by the co-coordinator of Powderpuff, Mike Kenny, while the juniors were said to be "m...

NHS hosts year long gift exchange

Published: September 25, 2008

The senior National Honor Society is hosting yet another secret scholar. Read More »...

Science club cabinet

Published: September 24, 2008

Cabinet for the science club this year has recently been Read More »

Picture retakes

Published: September 24, 2008

Picture retake day is upon students at FHN and Read More »

Senior clothing orders coming in soon

Published: September 20, 2008

“Oh what?” “Oh nine!” That’s right ladies and gentleman; it’s time to show more spirit with the senior clothing getting ready to arrive. Read More »...

Junior girls prepare for the big game

Published: September 18, 2008

    It was a scene of organized chaos last night at North as over 250 junior girls and senior women filed out of the football field Read More »...

JDRF benefits from North’s first hat day

Published: September 18, 2008

Every year Volunteer Knights holds a hat day for the school and this year the first one was today. Read More »...

TASC to add new event

Published: September 16, 2008

TASC, Teens Advocating Smart Choices, is hosting a brand new event Read More »