Dr. Hostetler and Rhea Patel Discuss the District Cuts

By Rhea Patel , VideographerPublished: 14 hours ago

Dr. Hostetler and Rhea Patel discuss the implications of the district cuts, who they would affect, and how it would affect FHN. Dr. Hostetler also hears questions from students.

Teacher and Support Staffer of the Year Feature

By Nadia Abusoud and Madelyn ClarkPublished: March 2, 2021

Every year, there is a teacher and support staffer of the year selected by FHN. For the year of 2020-21, Kristen Johnson was selected as teacher of the year and Angela Lawson was selected as support staffer...

Azariah Anderson Discusses his Poetry and Musical Works with Daniel Bridgeman

By Daniel Bridgeman, videographerPublished: March 2, 2021

Azariah Anderson discusses his works of poetry and his beat production with Daniel Bridgeman.

Crime Kooks: Learning About Color Guard With McKenna O’Connor

By Rachel Trapf and Emily GantzPublished: February 26, 2021

McKenna O'Connor is a good friend of Emily and Rachel, so they decided to take a break from all the death and learn about something new! Get to know more about Color Guard in this information and personal...

FHN’s Novel Class Completes Their Performance Assessment

By Daniel Bridgeman, VideographerPublished: February 16, 2021

Mrs. Scheller’s Novel class works on a performance assessment, in this video Colton explains why he chose his project and presents it.   Video By: Daniel Bridgeman

Shelly Parks Transition From Online to In Person

By Caroline Blanke, VideographerPublished: February 12, 2021

English teacher Shelly parks amidst Covid-19 transitions from all online classes into all in person classes. She shares the benefits of being a learner virtually and on campus.   Video By: Caroline...

FHN’s Painting Class Takes on their Projects

By Gabbi Iadevito, VideographerPublished: February 11, 2021

The painting class at Francis Howell North high school is starting a new project. The students are incorporating the themes of color and composition while using cardboard. The teacher, Mrs. Skwira, and...

How COVID-19 Impacts the FHN Band

By Madelyn Clark, VideographerPublished: February 9, 2021

Despite the Covid challenges the Francis Howell School District has still decided to continue school in-person. They have put in many restrictions to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Band...

Knightly Show #14 | Week of 02/08/21 | Lunch Room Opinions, FHN Faceoff for Basketball, and More!

In this weeks Knightly Show, Jon and Caroline announce news from the FHN community all the way to world news, Ben and Jon interview students in the lunchroom, Will and Parker make their basketball predictions,...

Students Employ Creativity in Maples’ Printmaking Class

By Rhea Patel, VideographerPublished: February 4, 2021

Denise Maples' 6th hour printmaking class was working on a project where they print ink onto paper using tape and plexiglass. In this interview Maples explains the process.   Video By: Rhea...

Yousef Shabany Goes on a Drive while Quarantined

By Yousef Shabany, VideographerPublished: February 2, 2021

I went on a drive during my contact tracing quarantine. I drove down to main street and at the end there is an abandoned building that's good for taking pictures in front of so I got some good shots there...

Exploring the Differences of In Person and Virtual Learning at FHN

By Nadia Abusoud, VideographerPublished: January 29, 2021

In this video, seniors Emma Rohrbach and Rayan Amir share their own experiences whether it comes it virtual learning or in person. Rohrbach goes in depth on the advantages and disadvantages of virtual...

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