Crime Kooks Episode 2: Jeffery Dahmer

By Emily Gantz and Rachel TrapfPublished: October 16, 2020

Back again with another episode, Emily and Rachel discuss Jeffery Dahmer. an infamous serial killer who targeted numerous young men and boys.   Big Thanks To: https://www.crimemuseum.org/crime-library/serial-killers/jeffrey-dahmer/ https://www.biography.com/crime-figure/jeffrey-dahmer  

Keepin’ it Lowkey with American Poetry Club

By Gabriel Lobato, Brandon BridgemanPublished: October 16, 2020

In this episode, Brandon and Gabriel are joined by Jordan, Sang-Jin, Kaley, and Andy of American Poetry Club fame to talk about their music careers and the next steps. Check out the full episode at: ...

Directors Cut Episode #1: Top Ten Teen Movies

By Sam Watkins, Brandon Bridgeman, and Gabriel LobatoPublished: October 14, 2020

On the first episode of Directors Cut, Sam, Gabriel, and Brandon discuss what they think is the top ten teen movies of all time. Do you have a movie nigh coming up? Here is the best place to get the very...

Myths and Malarkey With Caleb Kruse #1

By Caleb Kruse, VideographerPublished: October 12, 2020

Welcome to Myths and Malarkey with Caleb Kruse. In this episode Caleb will be discussing Prometheus's theft of fire, a well known Greek myth.

Knightly Show #4 | Week of 10/12 | Halloween Alternatives, Weather, Club Announcements, and Ketchup!

By Nadia Abusoud, Minnie Adams, Caroline Blanke, and Jenna BroukPublished: October 11, 2020

In this week's Knightly Show, Jenna starts off by giving us the weather for the week, Nadia gives a few club and community announcements, Minnie shows us her animation "Ketchup!", and Caroline gives us...

Keepin’ it Lowkey with High Sunn

By Gabriel Lobato and Brandon BridgemanPublished: October 9, 2020

Welcome to Keepin' it Lowkey, where we always hit the high notes with your favorite artist's, hosted by Gabriel Lobato and Brandon Bridgeman. In this episode, they are joined by High Sunn, a music artist...

Crime Kooks Episode 1: Bonnie and Clyde

By Emily Gantz and Rachel TrapfPublished: October 9, 2020

In the first episode of Crime Kooks, you are introduced to Emily and Rachel, the hosts. In this episode, they will talk about a notorious couple who eluded the police for years during the Great Depression....

FHN Fantasy Football Podcast Week 5

By Will Perry and Ben CavatoPublished: October 8, 2020

Will Perry and Ben Cavato give fantasy football advice including Hot Takes such as the Steelers beating the Eagles, Boom Or Bust, Sleeper picks as well as 3 game picks of the week.

Homecoming Pep Assembly 2020 (Virtual Pep Assembly)

By Emily Zhang, VideographerPublished: October 8, 2020

Welcome to our 2020 Virtual Pep Assembly. The assembly features performances by Knightsound, Color Guard, Cheer, Knightline, and showcases Fall Sports. Students are called down to participate in a sack...

Knightly Show #3 | Week of 10/05/20 | New Hires, Pumpkin Seeds, Podcasts, and Hoco Week!

By Emily Zhang, Gabriel Lobato, Jon Fitch, and Nadia AbusoudPublished: October 5, 2020

In this week's Knightly Show, Jenna starts us off with the weekly weather. Nadia gives a few announcements about Homecoming Week, Jon shows us how to make roasted pumpkin seeds, Gabe shares a clip from...

FHN Fantasy Football Podcast #2 Week 4

By Will Perry and Ben CovatoPublished: October 1, 2020

Ben Cavato and Will Perry give their opinions on fantasy football for week four. Tune into this installment for your weekly sports fix.

Knightly Show #2 | Week of 9/28/20 | Supreme Court, Slime, and Turtlenecks

By Emily Zhang, Gabriel Lobato, Jon Fitch, and Nadia AbusoudPublished: September 28, 2020

In this week's Knightly Show, we have three segments. In Knightly News, Nadia talks about Trump's new Supreme Court Justice nominee and rising Covid-19 cases. Jon shows us how to make DIY Oobleck Slime....

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