Days and Knights: FHN 2018-19 Documentary

Seniors’ spirit at their last pep assembly or freshman’s spirit at their first. Volleyball’s win against Howell for the first time in 10 years. The goonies’ cheers. The band’s hard work. The rivalry between juniors vs seniors at powderpuff. Freshmens’ first steps down the hall at FHN. Seniors’ last steps down the aisle at graduation. These are all memories you want to remember. But what would happen if you could watch them back?

Now you can!

Publications is making a film about the school year! It is a documentary that covers events, sports, and classes. It will span from schedule pick up to graduation. It is a perfect way for you to look back at the year and all of the memories. It will include interviews from you, your teachers and your admin. Included is music by Zoe Willott, Grant Argent and more FHN students and alumni.

The FHN documentary will be a 45+ minute film showcasing all of your favorite events, sports, classes, and people.

You will receive your copy of the documentary at the 2019-2020 schedule pick up.

Get yours now for only $15!

To order yours, visit room 105.