Group Photo Schedule

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
1st Hour 7:20:00 Students for FHN Anime Club Young Democrats Recycling Club
1st Hour 7:30:00 Science Club Vegetarian Club Chorus
1st Hour 7:40:00 Writers Guild International Global Awareness Junior NHS
1st Hour 7:50:00 Mentors Symphonic Band Senior NHS Spanish Club
1st Hour 8:00:00 KOE Junior Delegates Knightsound
2nd Hour 8:20:00 Library/Guidance/Activities/Office Workers GSA Concert Choir
2nd Hour 8:30:00 FCA Golden Steppers African American Senior Leaders
2nd Hour 8:40:00 Ecology Club Concert Band Work Experience
2nd Hour 8:50:00 German Club Speech and Debate Youth in Goverment
2nd Hour 9:00:00 TSA Mock Trial Freshman Delegates GSA
3rd Hour 9:20:00 Art Club TASC Treble Choir French Club
3rd Hour 9:30:00 StuCo Knowledge Masters Open Young Republicans Scholar Bowl
3rd Hour 9:40:00 FBLA Games Club Activities Leadership Council Senior Class Delegates
3rd Hour 9:50:00 Drama Club/Officers Jazz We are All Knights Sophomore class delegates
3rd Hour 10:00:00 HOSA Sign Lang Club DECA
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Group Photo Schedule