Scholastic Journalism Week

Have you seen the flyers? Are you wondering what’s happening this week?

Scholastic Journalism Week is here!

We’ll be celebrating our First Amendment rights all week with you. Be sure to follow “FHNtoday” on Snapchat for information on how to be a part of the contest next week and for other school happenings. Scholastic Journalism Week is a national event to celebrate high school journalism and our First Amendment Rights!

Each morning this week, we’ll be sending out a message from the FHNtoday Snapchat. Send your reply to that message with a text, photo or video via Snapchat and enter yourself into the drawing for the prize at the end of the week!

Any messages received before 7 p.m. each day will be entered for the contest. You can send your message once each day for a total of five entries over the course of the week.

On Friday, Feb. 27 at 3 p.m., we’ll draw a name from that have been entered to win a free 2014-2015 Excalibur yearbook, or to receive a refund if already purchased.
Remember, the yearbook price goes up to $65 on March 5.

For more information on Scholastic Journalism Week, follow us on Twitter @FHNtoday. We’ll be using the hashtag #SJW2015 throughout the week.