Uma Upamaka
Sophomore Uma Upamaka is one of the writers for FHNtoday.com. She took Photo Journalism in her freshman year and decided to join the web staff the beginning of the year of 17-18. Besides writing stories for FHNtoday.com she also created a political podcast in which she talked, together with Ethan Winchester, about political issues. Uma has written many different stories for FHNtoday.com, but the favorite thing she created is her story about “The Sexual Assault Problem Is Not Yet Solved.”

For the rest of the school year she is looking forward to create more things for the website and the newspaper and to get more skills about everything we do in here. What she enjoys most on working with her staff is that she made many friends in here. Upamaka enjoys her time in publications and highly recommends people who want to be a member of the FHN publication staff to join.

Uma Upamaka, FHNtoday Staffer

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