Rule of Three Ideas

We are going to use this page to collect inspirational ideas for the staff to use for web work that individuals could do by themselves  or they could work collaboratively on a project with someone else.


[Video, Photos, Map, Multimedia, In-Depth story] – Snow Fall – The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

[Photos, Video, SoundCloud, Story, Audio, ThingLink] – Class of 2015 Turns the Tassels at Graduation

[Photos, Audio, Video, Storify, Story] – Ferguson to Iowa City

[Charts/Graphics and Story] – Terrace students more aware of rights than American adults

[Photo Essay and Story] – Protecting the Community: A Day in the Life of a St. Charles County Police Officer

[Video, Audio, Photo, Copy, Multimedia] – Have the Blues Left St. Louis

[Photo slideshow, ThingLink multimedia, Story] – A Visit to Alice’s Tea Room and Through the Looking Glass

[Multimedia] – Growing Up With Harry Potter

[Video, Story, SoundCloud] – Students Create Dubstep Music

[In-Depth Feature with Photos] – Heart Surgery Strengthens a Father-Daughter Bond

[Photos, Audio, Video, Storify, Story] – Ferguson to Iowa City

[Timeline, Photos, Text] – Where Are They Now: Paly’s “Most Likely to Succeed”

[Video, Story, ThingLink, SoundCloud, Photos] – San Diego Food Trucks Cater NHSJC

[Audio, Photo] – Patient Voices

[Audio, Photo] – 1 in 8 million