Junior Jenna Weber has a Love for AP Studio Art

Junior Jenna Weber has a Love for AP Studio Art

Published: December 2, 2019

There are plenty of AP classes for students to take at Francis Howell North, one AP class stands out more than the rest is AP St...

Senior Anastasia Medley submitted a painting of an otter for the gallery display. (photo by Anastasia Medley)

AP Studio Students Show Off Their Hard Work in Gallery

Published: April 1, 2017

Students in AP Studio Art will soon have their work displayed for community viewing in the Lillian Yahn Gallery running from April...

Plans for art studio proceed despite setbacks

Published: September 29, 2010

Aspiring artist are always looking for ways to exhibit their artwork. Even high school art students are proud of their creations and want to share them with the community. Zack Smithey and his AP Art Studio students realize this and began fund raising early Sept. to open a student-run art gallery. The gallery would be for high school students in the a...