The Effects of Anxiety

May 15, 2017

Many students in schools around the world struggle with a variety of different things. Whether its from school work, waking up...

Chase Jefferson’s Shoe Collection/Business

March 30, 2017

Chase Jefferson has been collecting shoes for a while now. Along with that he started up his own little shoe cleaning business...

Thomas Skinner uses Sign Language to Help Students

February 3, 2017

Thomas Skinner has been an interpreter at Francis Howell North for 14 years, but has been an interpreter for 23 years. Along with...

Students Unite to Form Vegetarian Club

By Carley Rauth, Sammie Brennan, Abby Warring, Carsten Adams

December 18, 2016

Filed under Intro Class Stories

Senior student at FHN, Emma Meyers, started a vegetarian club in October to help educate more people about becoming vegetarian. “I was applying for scholarships and saw that there was a vegetarian scholarship, which was really surprising. It asked like, what have you done to help vegetarianism, and I felt like I hadn’t done enough. So that’s...

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Carsten Adams