Senior Brady West Creates Fantasy Art Pieces

Senior Brady West Creates Fantasy Art Pieces

Published: February 23, 2020

His drawings brim with creativity. Meticulous and deliberate lines that look effortless, expert shading and splashes of color that...

Seniors Audrey Forth and Maddy Wood sing

North Street Coffeehouse Is Shortened From Two Days of Performances to One

Published: February 13, 2020

North Street Coffeehouse has been run every year by FHN since it’s first appearance in 2014 and auditions have been declining...

(Illustrated by Francisco Jimenez)

Liking Movies [Comic]

Published: January 3, 2020

Art Today: Courtney Flamm Draws Inspiration From Her Family

Published: October 30, 2019

Courtney Flamm is an art teacher at FHN. She enjoys drawing in her free time and gets inspiration from those who are meaningful...