Bilingual Students Tell Us Their Favorite Phrases

Published: April 30, 2019

This series finale of Mylingual features sixteen bilingual students speaking various languages. Speaking Spanish, French, Arabic,...

Mylingual: Cultural Identities [Episode 1]

Published: January 16, 2019

Five students share their personal stories about being multilingual, their cultural identities, and unique experiences. The five...

Junior Aslee Addison poses in front of a map with pinpoints of several places she’s visited around the world. With Addison regularly traveling, she has become familiar with the countries and think of it as a “home away from home.”

Junior Aslee Addison Hopes to Work Overseas in the Future

Published: December 13, 2017

Germany, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, China and six more countries. Junior Aslee Addison has traveled ...