A calendar marks the first day of school, the earliest possible date in accordance with a new Missouri mandate. Because this decision was made with regard to summer tourism instead of to students and school staff, it has been a source of controversy in the state. (Photo by Aidyn Gleason)

New 2020-2021 School Calendar Is Approved by Board

By Justin Brewer, North Star Reporter
Published: January 18, 2020
A car drives by FHN at the end of the school day. FHSD proposes an opportunity to save money on interest costs late last year. The Board of Education holds monthly meetings where they discuss issues involving money and other matters in the district. Recently they have decided on a ‘No Tax Increase Bond’ which they will discuss at the Jan. meeting. (Photo by Anna Hollinger)

Proposition S is Going on the April Ballot

By Macy Cronin, North Star Reporter
Published: January 15, 2020
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