A sign sits outside the Family Arena to show voters where to vote. This type of election happens on odd years and is used to determine which candidates would be chosen. Many locals came to the Family Arena and casted their votes on April 2.

Michelle Walker and Mike Hoehn Re-Elected to Board of Education

Published: May 1, 2019

Current directors on the FHSD Board of Education, Michelle Walker and Mike Hoehn, were both re-elected as their active three year term expires this year. The two were running against Sandra L. Ferguson. W...

Three Candidates Vie for Two Seats in FHSD Board of Education Election

Three Candidates Vie for Two Seats in FHSD Board of Education Election

Published: March 27, 2019

Walker Wants to Give Parents a Voice Michelle Walker is finishing her first three-year term on the board. She oversees FHN, ...

The craft committee sits down to discuss the upcoming meeting for their annual craft fair. The committee is in charge of planning the fair every year.

The Board of Education Works to Bring in More Funds

Published: November 10, 2017

With a balanced budget finally in their hands but two tax levy failures still behind them, the District has turned to alternativ...

Quick Solutions for Safety Issues in School

Quick Solutions for Safety Issues in School

Published: April 17, 2013

Chief Financial Officer and head of the Safety Task Force, Kevin Supple showed a presentation made up of information and recommendations from...

FHSD decides spending for bond money

Published: May 16, 2012

FHSD has $11,100,000 in bond money to complete 12 capital projects. The first three projects on the District’s list are the Fairmount elementary HVAC (H...

Decision: 2011

Decision: 2011

Published: April 5, 2011

More than 22,000 people came out to vote for who they thought could best take the Francis Howell School District in the right direction during these troubling ...

Joint calendar proposal splits community

Published: November 9, 2010

On Oct. 21, the Francis Howell Board of Education voted 4-1-2 to approve the calendar task force’s recommendation to amend the calendar system of the district for the 2011-2012 school year. Out of this decision, many changes will come for the upcoming school year, including major changes to breaks. One of the most significant and controversial ch...