The Hood Report: Instagram’s Record-Breaking Egg

Published: January 23, 2019

On this week's episode of The Hood Report, anchor Emily Hood discusses the NFC and AFC championship victories from the Los Angeles...

ARLINGTON - JAN 26: The 50 yard line of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas - sight of the 2011 NFL Super Bowl XLV between the Packers and Steelers. Taken January 26, 2011 in Arlington, TX.

Why the New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 52

Published: February 3, 2018

The tortoise and the hare. The 1980 United States Olympic hockey team vs. the Soviets. David beating Goliath. These are just some...

Jake's Take: Atlanta Falcons Follow NFL Trend

Jake’s Take: Atlanta Falcons Follow NFL Trend

Published: January 30, 2017

Note: This piece is entirely satirical. All accounts are completely made up by Jacob Lintner, and they are not to be trusted. Th...

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Jake’s Take: NFL Controversies

Published: February 9, 2015

The Super Bowl has ended, and football fans can now focus on what is really important: the immense amount of controversies surrounding...

FHNGameday Staff Super Bowl Opinions

Published: January 30, 2015

Jacob Lintner Patriots Win 27-23 30 teams down, two to go. This year’s Super Bowl is the first matchup between No. 1 teams, aside fro...

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NFL Conference Championships Preview

Published: January 18, 2015

We've come this far, but we’re not done yet. There are still two games and four teams left to be played before the Super Bowl....

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What You Missed in Sports Over Christmas Break

Published: January 10, 2015

After a 20-day writing hiatus, one thing can be concluded: we have completed yet another Christmas Break that was far too short....

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Jake’s Take: NFL Playoff Prediction

Published: December 12, 2014

It is that magical time of the year in which the joyous and imminent forthcoming of Christmas mixes perfectly with the intense,...

NFL Game of the Week: Week 14

Published: December 4, 2014

Zach Mills' Opinion: This week I will be taking over for Alex Connell. Since I am the new competitor, I let the veteran, Jacob ...

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Jacob Lintner’s NFL Opinion Week 12: Thanksgiving Edition

Published: November 25, 2014

Usually, it is not possible to top the fantastic football that is sure to come on Thanksgiving. This week is one of the outliers....

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Jake’s Take: NFL Power Rankings

Published: November 14, 2014

With the NFL season 60 percent finished, it’s time to start thinking about the playoff and real Super Bowl contenders. There...

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A Look Back at This Summer in Sports

Published: September 1, 2014

It has been a summer. From a blowout Finals, to a blowout Cup, to the tightest race in the Central in years, sports ran the summer....