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How’s Your Summer Going?

How’s Your Summer Going?

Chase Meyer, Webmaster

July 19, 2015

School is just around the corner, but we're already pumped for what will be an amazing school year. Tell us what you're excited for, and what you did to make memories that will last a lifetime.

FHNtodayTV: May 21, 2015

FHNtodayTV: May 21, 2015

Sam Skaggs

We bring you videos on Little O's, Healthy Lifestyles, Creeve Coeur Park, a New Church Building, and An artist. The Anchors include Sam Skaggs and Autumn Todd.  

May 21, 2015 • 0 comments

Finals Week [Pinterest]

May 18, 2015


History Behind A Unique Soda Shop on Main Street St. Charles

May 15, 2015

5-6 V Baseball vs. FZW [Photo Gallery]

5-6 V Baseball vs. FZW [Photo Gallery]

McKenzie Shea

May 7, 2015


5-2 Prom [Photo Gallery]

May 4, 2015

...  Read More »

Mr. FHN 2015 [Photo Gallery]

April 20, 2015

Mr. FHN is a male beauty pageant held in North's auditorium each year, this year it was on Friday, April 17. There were 13 boys who competed in categories such as pick-up lines, formal wear, and a vari...  Read More »

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.08.43 PM

North Star Take: A Summer To Remember

May 13, 2015

With only eight days left in the school year, it seems like summer vacation could not ...  Read More »


Avengers Age of Ultron Review

May 7, 2015

In an interview with Joss Whedon while talking about his highly anticipated Avengers sequel...  Read More »

North Start May Senior Edition

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