Students need to show more pride

The PRIDE program was created to improve North’s learning atmosphere and community. It basically wants students to not trash our school, trash each other or trash ourselves.

It is undeniable that each year the attitude and culture of the student body at North changes. It is also easy for seniors and staff members to see a different North than it was three or four years ago.

Some would say these changes are a good thing; however, the growing rate in malicious threats and violent physical incidents would tell most people that something needs to be done. Something to help guide the future of North’s student body.

A program has been created by the administration for the general population of the school to get behind. They’ve come up with a catchy slogan and made banners reminding students of the effect their actions have on the reputation of their school and their future.

It allows students to make an ethical stand for themselves and their school.
The administration is doing a lot to help students make better decisions, but they can only do so much before they encroach upon student rights.
It’s the job of the individual student to actually change his or her actions. Unless each student changes the way they act the program will fail.

So far the majority of students have rejected the PRIDE program(see page 16-17), but it will become one of the most effective reforms North has ever seen if students adopt it as their own.

PRIDE is a program that many people have reviewed and revised several times (see page 18), and is therefore a strong philosophy students can live their school careers by.

The students of North need to take up the fight towards a more honorable and safe school environment and use this program.

The student body of North obviously needs something to stand behind, and this will work, because it gives them another way to use the school to better themselves and their community.