Welter excels in displaying talent

Sitting in her third grade art class, Allison Welter discovered that she would rather draw her own dinosaur than trace one. So she did. Ever since that moment she knew art was in her future.

“My parents know I’m talented,” Welter said. “They’re proud of me because that’s what I have, that’s what I do.”
In early Aug., Welter woke up to find that she and 19 other high school students had been accepted into New Art in the Neighborhood. It’s a pre-professional arts training program for teens in the St. Louis area.


“My first reaction was ‘oh my god,’” Welter said. “I was crying, honest to god, mostly because I don’t get into these kinds of things.”

Her first Saturday class in the Contemporary Art Museum was spent shopping at ArtMart for all the supplies she will need. Welter plans to start with a canvas painting of her close friend in black and white acrylic. She’s also looking forward to meeting the new people.

“It’s not like in school where they just do it for a grade,” Welter said. “Out there they’re doing it because it’s what they want to do. It gives me more time to just chill out and do what I need to do…It’s pretty much me time.”

Welter believes New Art in the Neighborhood will provide her with some good experience for her future art studies and travels. The program’s lead instructor, Benjamin Shepard, wants to provide classes that will improve his students and broaden their knowledge.

“I think the best part is the freedom that the program provides to give students exposure to a whole bunch of different types of art and materials to use,” Shepard said.

Welter finds inspiration for her art from thoughts, books, and lyrics. After college, she hopes to work in animation and horror makeup before becoming independent and holdig her own art shows.

“I want to make something out of my life,” Welter said. “I want to die knowing that someone somewhere will remember my name.”