Two senior boys carry on without help of teammates

Waiting for judges to critique. Being in the final or semifinal rounds with everybody watching. Hoping to make it to Las Vegas, where the National Competition will be. These are the times that stick out in the minds of seniors Billy Wurm and Bryan Yarde when they think of their sport, Speech and Debate.

“It’s been a learning experience,” Wurm said. “Bryan and I both have completely different styles. He likes Extemporaneous and I like Debate real well. It’s been interesting.”

FHN is down to only two members of Speech and Debate. Don’t let these students fool you, they may be in the minority but they can hold their own.

“My favorite part is winning,” Yarde said. “Any time we accomplish anything as a team. FHN isn’t really known for Speech and Debate out in the competitions so it’s like two Hillbillies coming over from the other side of the river. I love to see the other teams’ faces when they find out they got smoked by FHN.”

For the past four years Yarde and Wurm have been wreaking havoc upon their opponents and this year is no exception.

“This year has been going incredibly well,” Yarde said. “The first tournament of the year Billy and I both won Lincoln Douglass so we closed off the brackets. At the Greater Saint Louis Competition, FHN was the sixth best team even though we only have two people on the team.”

Both students have been active members of Speech and Debate. Throughout the years members have come and gone but Wurm and Yarde have stuck it out.

“Perseverance,” Yarde said. “That’s one of the main things you need to make it through. It’s hard to get experience but if you can put that behind you and stick with it you’re good. The ability to think on your feet is really important also.”

Both students feel as though Speech and Debate has taught them a lot about the world they live in.

“I’ve become a more informed citizen,” Yarde said. “Mainly because I’ve had to do so much research I feel I have more knowledge on that stuff.”

Wurm feels that he too has learned a lot about himself and the world he lives in.

“It’s made me a harder worker,” Wurm said. “It helped me realize that success isn’t made by gaining trophies but attaining your goals and helping yourself grow.”

Wurm and Yarde aren’t just teammates and schoolmates but have become good friends as well.

“Next year, I will miss all of the friends I’ve made at other schools,” Wurm said. “I will also miss being able to go on weekend tournaments with Bryan and Mrs. Freeman.”