Default Image!

Do all of your friends comment on your myspace or facebook profile or default image? Do you have that crazy photo angle that gets you tons of friend requests? Then its time to prove it by sending your picture to [email protected] now to get the chance to win and recieve a prize from the’s prize vault!

Who can enter: Any student or staffer in the North community

How will you win: An unbiased judge will be chosen to pick the most creative and original photo

How to enter: Email your photo as an attachment to [email protected] with your name and student ID #

What you will win: A prize chosen by you from the prize vault

Amount of entries: No more than 2 photos per person  

Where to look: The photos will be posted on the facebook/myspace page for publications as well as be sure to comment

Photo regulations: No explicit or questionable photos are to be submitted, photos are to be original, clothing in photos are to be school appropriate, the photos can be of you or that you have taken.

Contest start: Thursday Nov. 6

Contest end: Monday Dec. 1

Winner wil be announced Friday December 5th 2008 Click here to see the enries