Blizzard Blackout attracts hundreds of students despite unchanged theme

For one night out of the year, the commons are transformed into colorful craziness for the Snowcoming dance. Although the theme of Blizzard Blackout was the same this year as last (complete with neon splatter painted walls, techno bubbles, and black lights), there were many alterations made that drew in the most attendees ever for this event.

Over 700 students packed into the commons on Saturday, Jan. 23, which was about 200 more than the previous year. Additions to the dance included seven different colored wristbands received at the door, Shirley Temples served as drinks, and even graffiti plastered walls at the entrance. In addition, senior Andrew Hairlson’s dad was the DJ for the first time ever at a dance for North. Judging not only by ticket sales, but also the crowd response and atmosphere at the dance, Blizzard Blackout was a great success.
“I thought it was very successful,” junior Randi Yousey said.  “My favorite part about it was just having everyone there. There were a lot of my friends that I don’t usually get to see and the dance was a chance to get everyone together.”
Along with the large crowd that made this Snowcoming as popular as it was this year, the initial theme and decorations attracted so many students from all grades. The hype generated from kids around school really got everyone interested, too.  Due to the success and attention gained from the Blizzard Blackout madness, it seems as though this is an event that is here to stay.
“It is a time for everyone to show off their sick dance moves while glowing in the dark,” junior Justin Kendall said. “The glow in the dark really sets the mood for the whole night and sets it apart from every other dance we have.”