Mueller believes technology will inevitably turn us into ‘robots’

Technology is crap; it’s nothing more than an over-used society-ruining waste of intelligence.

Now I am not saying that all technology is bad, microwaves,

dishwashers and basic household items are acceptable; they simply reduce time spent on unenjoyable tasks such as washing clothes, and light bulbs only allow us to be more productive and have more time to do certain things at night.


The kind of technology I am talking about is the touch screen phones, or the phones that serve more use as a radio and GPS then an actual phone. I’m talking about the house phone that acts like a cell phone with texting and all other uses, or the cars with more TVs in them then the average house. And cars with the automated doors? Is it really too hard to open the door yourself? Technology has corrupted the minds of humans and has made us mechanically-dependent. Society today is unable to survive without technology; it’s not that we lack the ability to, but the knowledge of how to. Technology needs to be limited so that people remain human instead of creating such a technology driven society that we might as well become robots.