Angie Mercuio gives hallways a makeover

paintinghallwaysEvery day after school starting at 2 p.m. and lasting until 10 p.m., Angie Mercurio comes to paint the door frames and replace the school’s base boards. According to Mr. Grippi, the doors needed to better represent our school and they lacked a consistent color. The District is funding the entire paint job at North.

“We wanted one single color to represent what our school was made of,” Assistant principal Tony Grippi said.


Painting began right after students returned from fall break. Mercurio moves one hallway at a time. She is currently painting the middle floor but there is a goal to ultimately have the entire school painted. Because multiple coats of paint are necessary, the project is estimated to take two to three months.


“The doors come first,” Grippi said, “But when it’s all done we do want to paint the lockers also.”


Last year the school walls were painted gold and administration hopes that the black doors will make the gold on the walls stand out more. The school colors reflected in the walls and doors will hopefully raise school spirit.


“They just look nice,” junior Jeremy Leidon said, “Much less bland than before.”


The principals are also pleased with the work that has been done.


“I hope that the students take care of it and appreciate what the district is doing for us,” principal Darlene Jones said.